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review - bumslender by ella’s house

For the first year of using cloth nappies, my stash was mainly Baba and Boo (review to come), they were bombproof, I could easily get 4 hours out of them and I never really needed to look elsewhere. Then the toddler pees started...

From about 19 months, Lou turned into a flooder. Suddenly my go to nappies were only lasting 90 mins unless boosted to high heaven, meaning he couldn’t fit into his clothes. And a toddler that’s shit scared of hand dryers in public toilets meant we couldn’t do such frequent changes when out and about, so reluctantly I started using disposables when out of the house.

I spoke about this with one of my best friends - and real life cloth nappy expert, and she suggested I try a Bumslender shaped sized nappy by Ella’s House...


These come in three different sizes (small, large, x large) so fit really well at the lower and higher weight spectrum. The fit is actually quite slim, considering it’s such an absorbent nappy. Louis is about 30lbs and he wears the XL fastened on the tightest setting, it’s quite long so will last him a good while.

What does it look like?

It’s an off white colour, with green stitching and green poppers on the front.

It comes with a pull out soaker that can be folded to get the maximum absorbency for your child. With Lou being a boy, I fold the soaker up at the front. The pull out soaker also helps the nappy dry quicker.

How much?


Just how absorbent is it?

Very. They’re made from hemp and cotton, so are really absorbent - when they’ve been fully prepped (it took a good 5 washes to get them up to full absorbency, as is normal with hemp).

This is my go to nappy if we’re going out the house for a few hours, especially if we’re going on a walk or somewhere else where it would be difficult to change his nappy. I typically add a Little Lamb triple bamboo booster to it, and it is genuinely bombproof. I can easily get 4 or 5 hours out of it.

Any negatives?

If you’re used to very slim nappies, like Wizard Unos, you may find these look a lot bulkier, although personally I don’t find them that bulky. However, I’ve never tried this nappy on a small baby.

As you’d expect from such an absorbent nappy, they do take a while to dry. Although the drying time for this one is quite good considering it’s made from hemp/cotton, mine dries in 24-36 hours.

You will need to buy a wrap to go over this, and using the two together is slightly more time consuming and not as straight forward as using an AIO.

Finally, these are sized nappies, so you will need to buy more as your baby grows.

(I bought mine from The Nappy Lady - link here)

Have you used this nappy? I’d love to hear what you think! Leave me a comment.

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