Tuesday, 16 July 2019

what alice made - mosaic blanket

My first finish of 2019! Ok, yes, it is a rather late first finish, but this was a loooong knit. This blanket was made for a friends’ new baby (who is now 6 months old but we won’t talk about that!)

When I saw this pattern on Purl Soho I knew I had to make it, I was initially wary as it looked quite complicated but once I started, I quickly got the hang of it. It’s all knits and slips which gives it the loveliest, squishiest texture, and it feels quite heavy (especially as I knitted it with cotton), perfect for a little baby.

I used my absolute fave cotton aran from Paintbox Yarns, in the colours Washed Teal and Champagne White. I LOVE this yarn, it’s so soft, and there are so many colours to choose from!

The only thing I’d change about this blanket for next time is to make it slightly bigger, I followed the pattern for ‘baby’ size, and while it would be perfect for when the baby is tiny, it’s not quite big enough to grow with them.

All in all, a brilliant project for an advanced beginner with a really easy to follow, clear pattern. There's also a video tutorial that definitely helps you visualise what you're doing. But, not a knit that you can relax with (at least not for me), every right side row involves a lot of counting, However it all adds up to a beautiful blanket that looks a lot more complicated than it actually is.

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